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The Story Behind the Teardrop

It was 2008. US Navy Veteran William Ashlock had just gotten a new Oklahoma fishing lease, but there was a problem.

The fussy fish always started biting right when it was time to pack up and head out. He’d get a few tantalizing nibbles, but then had to get home by a decent hour.

What to do?

One night, William saw a mini camper on TV. He was transfixed. Within days, he set out to build his own tiny teardrop camper and make the most of his fishing lease. He traded a shotgun for a trailer chassis. To get the lumber he needed, he swapped a giant John Deere fender he had salvaged after a severe storm. It may sound apocryphal, but it’s true. Within a couple weeks, he had a rudimentary tiny camper and a new lease on life – or at least a new lease on his fishing lease.

The First Sale

One of his first nights out in his new, hand-built teardrop camper, a fellow fisherman was admiring it, so William sold it on the spot. Within a week, he built a better one. But the first customer’s buddy wanted that one, so he sold it too! This pattern continued, with William improving on construction and features each time.

Fast-forward to 2014

By the mid-2010s, William added the UkanCamp name and a website where customers could order. Believe it or not, every trailer he built for the next seven years or so was completed only on weekends in a shed in a field with no power, no lights and no plumbing. He constructed custom teardrop campers using only battery-operated tools he brought from home. When the batteries died, he was done for the day.

Yet he cranked out the campers like you wouldn’t believe.

In 2021, Steve Aduddell and Dennis Smith, William’s cousin, joined the team. They relocated to a 2500 square foot facility and ramped up production. Much to William’s delight, this facility featured full-time electricity, garage doors, lighting and even indoor plumbing. This was also when UkanCamp upped its RV game, transitioning to a welded chassis, getting an Oklahoma manufacturer’s license, JD Power/NADA listing, NHTSA registration, VIN numbers for every camper and RVIA certification.

Since then, we’ve added campers, features, improvements and options to the lineup. Most of all, though, we’ve been having a blast building the best teardrop campers around for our new friends across the United States and beyond.

The Team at UkanCamp
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The UkanCamp Team

William Ashlock

William Ashlock

Owner, Founder, Builder & Designer since 2008

Dennis Smith

Dennis Smith

Co-Owner Since 2021

Steve Aduddell

Steve Aduddell

General Manager since 2021

With UkanCamp, you can enjoy many amenities of a large RV in a small, manageable, easy-to-tow package.

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The Custom-Built Teardrop Camper Process

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