UkanCamp Teardrop Camper Build Process & FAQ

UkanCamp’s custom-Built Trailers

At UkanCamp, every camper is custom-built when you order, right here in our Oklahoma City facility.

Rather than distribute our teardrop campers through RV dealers, we sell directly to you. That not only means we save you money, it also means you can customize your trailer while paying for only the amenities and options you want.
Hand Built Teardrop Camper | UkanCamp
Teardrop Campers Made in Oklahoma | UkanCamp
Made in Oklahoma
UkanCamp Camper Ready in Approximately 60 Days
Approx. 60 Days
Low Weight Teardrop Camper | UkanCamp
Delivery Available

Most trailers can be built and picked up in under two months. In busier seasons, this may be a little longer, but we always build as quickly as possible.

Delivery is available. Please call for options and rates.

UkanCamp Teardrop Camper FAQ
Welded and Powder Coated Chassis | UkanCamp Teardrop Camper Build
Welded, Powder-Coated Chassis
High Quality Plywood Construction | UkanCamp Teardrop Camper Build
High-Quality Plywood Construction
Aluminum Exterior | UkanCamp Teardrop Camper Build
Aluminum Exterior
Certified UkanCamp Teardrop Camper Pull Trailers
RVIA Certified
VIN Number
NHTSA Registered
NADA Listed

Start your order today

To begin your order, you can use the handy Quote Builder page or find the quote builder on your selected model’s page.

Be sure to check out all the features and options you can add and customize as well. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help. After submitting a request for a quote, we will also contact you to verify all details.

Frequently Asked Questions About UkanCamp Teardrop Campers

How much does a teardrop camper cost?

At UkanCamp, our camper starting prices range from $5,800 to $11,500, with an average starting cost of about $8,240. However, your chosen options will affect that price.

Do UkanCamp teardrop campers hold their value?

Yes. Since UkanCamp trailers are issued VIN numbers and are technically designated as campers or RVs, they hold their value very well. UkanCamp teardrop campers are registered as recreational vehicles, which is crucial in order to secure financing, hold resale value and properly insure your camper for its full value.

What kind of vehicle do I need to tow one of your teardrop campers?

While the answer depends on your selected camper’s weight, most UkanCamp trailers can be pulled by SUVs, crossovers like the Subaru Forester & Outback, Jeeps, minivans, cars and even some trikes.

See our Approximate Towing Comparison chart for a general overview.

Check your vehicle owner’s manual for its exact tow capacity, then compare that to the dry weight you see listed on your selected camper’s specifications. Keep in mind that weight doesn’t include any chosen options or cargo.

Is it easy to tow a teardrop camper?

Towing a UkanCamp teardrop camper is a breeze. Honestly, it’s so easy that sometimes the hardest part is remembering it’s there!

Are your campers available at RV dealers?

At UkanCamp, we act as our own dealer. We do not distribute through any RV dealers, instead selling directly to you – our customer and new friend. If you find a UkanCamp at a dealer, it’s used.

What safety features do your campers have?

Rest assured UkanCamp has placed your safety at the top of our list. To meet the rigid requirements of the RVIA certification, certain safety requirements must be met. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Proper wire placement, protection and termination practices
  • Properly rated tire-to-axle ratios
  • Rated safety chains
  • Smoke detectors
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Fire extinguisher

Do you offer delivery?

Delivery is available. Please call for options and rates.

What is your warranty?

UkanCamp provides a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on all of our campers.

How long does it take for a new camper order to be complete?

Most campers are complete in less than 60 days, but this can vary depending on the season and the number of orders we are working on.

Can I visit your facility?

We’d love to see you! We are located in Southwest Oklahoma City and welcome visitors. You can see UkanCamp teardrop campers being hand-built before your eyes. Just contact us to set up a time.

Do you have RVIA certification?

All UkanCamp teardrop campers are RVIA certified, carry VIN numbers, are NADA listed and NHTSA registered.

With UkanCamp, you can enjoy many amenities of a large RV in a small, manageable, easy-to-tow package.

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The UkanCamp Story

UkanCamp had its humble beginning when founder William Ashlock traded a shotgun for a trailer chassis to build his own fishing trailer. The rest of the story is even more surprising…