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With UkanCamp,
Home is Wherever You Go

Imagine taking all your troubles, the chaos of the city, the demands of work, the hassles of home and putting it all firmly in the rear-view mirror. That’s the dream behind UkanCamp. With your new, custom-built UkanCamp teardrop camper, the perfect camping trip no longer requires perfect weather.

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The RV Anyone can Handle

UkanCamp teardrop campers are designed to be simple and user-friendly, making them ideal for first timers and veteran campers alike.

Camp Easier – Easy to tow
Camp Lighter – Low weight
Camp Farther – Better MPG than larger campers
Camp Comfortably – All the essentials

Mini Pull RV Trailers Made in Oklahoma | UkanCamp

UkanCamp’s Model Lineup

Never fuss with pitching a tent ever again. Find your ideal size from single-sleeper to rooftop tent options that can sleep a family of five. With UkanCamp, you can enjoy many amenities of a large RV in a small, manageable, easy-to-tow package.

Silverhorn – 580G 1085 lbs. dry
Sleeps 2
Built-in Galley Kitchen

Silverhorn L – 590G 1160 lbs. dry
Sleeps 2
Built-in Galley Kitchen

Scissortail – 5010R 1520 lbs. dry
Sleeps 2
Built-in Galley Kitchen

Antler X – 480X 1080 lbs. dry
Sleeps 1
Off-Road Equipped

Antler XT – 580X 1130 lbs. dry
Sleeps 2
Off-Road Equipped

Talimena – 5010L 1195 lbs. dry
Sleeps 2

Scoot 723 lbs. dry
Sleeps 1-2

Chisholm – 480L 885 lbs. dry
Sleeps 1

Chisholm L – 580L 980 lbs. dry
Sleeps 2

Hand-Built | Made in Oklahoma | Veteran Owned & Operated | RVIA Certified VIN Number | NHTSA Registered | NADA Listed

Build Your Dream Mini Pull Trailer for Camping and Roadtrips | UkanCamp

Why a Teardrop?

Unlike many RVs, you don’t need a big truck to pull a UkanCamp trailer. Jeeps, Subarus, mid-size SUVs and many other vehicles can pull most of our campers.

Most of us don’t have a third garage, extra driveway space or the desire to rent storage for large RVs. We also drive typical, efficient vehicles that weren’t designed to pull a 35’ fifth wheel. But we still want to camp comfortably. That’s what UkanCamp is all about – packing as many amenities, features and options into as compact a camper as possible. That means all the comforts you want in a lightweight, easily towable, simple-to-store package.

Isaac Newton – Nature is pleased with simplicity, and nature is no dummy.