Frequently Asked Questions

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Teardrop Campers in America.

UkanCamp has been building Teardrop Campers/Trailers for 15 years. We are an Licensed Oklahoma Manufacturer and all our campers are built in our plant in Edmond Oklahoma. We are proud to serve our community and we look forward to serving your needs. We desire to get you in a camper and on the road to camp. Remember, Live to Camp — Camp to Live

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you finance?

We don't finance in house. Thats not our specialty. However, we partner with Rock Solid Funding (link on site) who specializes in financing RV's and Boats, etc. Also, we many customers that have bank financed. We are one of the few Teardrop Style Camper Manufacturers that are RVIA certified which assures the quality and safety of all our models. Also, we provide an MCO (Manufacturers Certificate of Origin) with all our campers which includes a VIN.

Do you build your own trailer frames or do you contract that out?

We custom build our trailer frames in house. We weld our frames using tube steel and powder coated for the best possible quality frame. We are proud to build everything from the ground (literally) up.

Do you provide shipping?

We will ship our campers anywhere in the continental United States. However, the current charge to ship is $2.75 per mile which is of course expensive. Give us a call to talk specifics about getting your camper to you. We like to get creative. As we grow we are looking into providing distribution points across the country.

What is your Warranty?

We provide a 2 Year Manufacturer warranty on all our campers.

Can I visit your facilty?

We welcome and often have customers or just interested people come and check out our manufacturer facility and process. We welcome you as well.

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